Monday, November 30, 2009

Buying Ferns? Where can i go to get bareroot mature ferns

At Tn Nursery we are a wholesale fern nursery and we sell large vloume of ferns including christmas,hay scented and new york ferns at wholesale prices.Its hard to believe you can buy a mature 7 year old bareroot fern rhyzome for as little at .55 cents each.Its not when you grow over 150,000 per year.No on ein the industry can touch our quality,prices or selection.

Fern Planting

Most ferns are native species.Native ferns are normally planted by mother nature 6-8 inches below grounds surface.So we recomend doing what mother nature does.Its best to remove their stems,foliage or tops before you plant.Water them good for the first 5 days and they will do fine.They require little or no care thereafter. is a wholesale fern grower of mature wholesale bareroot ferns.You can order online at our mail order plant nursery.